I recently picked up a project to write content for a website. While the company is new, the two partners have worked in their industry for a combined 30 years. These are brilliant people and they know the niche they want to fill. After our initial meeting, I did my research and prepared an outline for the content development. The outline included a few ideas that might make great ancillary content for the website—items that might not fit into the initial development, but that could be value-added material for the future.

When my new clients reviewed my ideas for the ancillary content, they decided they wanted to move forward with many of the items—and they wanted to do it in the initial phase instead of waiting to do it in future updates. This meant added value for their company’s website and a more profitable project for me. All I did to get the expanded assignment was keep a “parking lot” document during my research. Here’s how easy it is to do: Read the rest of this entry