It is the third day of a new year… how many resolutions have you made—and broken?

I have to admit that I gave up making resolutions years ago, but I do spend some time reflecting on the year that just ended and thinking about how I can make the coming year better than the last. In last week’s post, I talked about the writer’s Law of Attraction for finding new writing profits. But the Law of Attraction is useless without the Law of Action.

You can think your way to a successful mindset, but you cannot think yourself to success.

Here is a five-step writer’s plan for a prosperous New Year:

1.  Showcase your talent and services.

Please, please… PLEASE… put up a website. It’s cheaper than investing in a fancy-schmancy brochure and allows you to put your professional foot forward. You can pay big money for a designer and webmaster, but it has never been easier for a do-it-yourselfer to buy a domain, get a hosting service, and install WordPress—along with your choice of hundreds (maybe thousands) of free templates that you can preview and click to activate. You are “good to go” with one click. Create a simple 3-5 page website or set up a blog; your choice. Keep it simple but get it done.

2.  Announce your site and services to the world.

Use an email signature; create a tagline that invites people to visit your website. TELL people, with pride and without apology that you are a writer; Spend $5.00 for business cards you can hand to people you meet that have your website URL printed on it. Say please and thank you for passing your name to others. I just picked up a new book project because the printer I use for some of my client projects has a sister-in-law who is self-publishing a book. Never expected it; I simply had a conversation about working on book projects and voila – new work.

3.  Deliver quality work on time.

Enough said.

4.  Rinse and repeat.

Keep networking. Ask clients for referrals. Ask for and put testimonials on your website. Testimonials are one of the best ways to convince others that you do what you say you are going to do. Hand out your business cards or send them to a select number of prospects inviting them to visit your site.

5.  Set up your writer’s tool box.

Writers are crafters. You carve and sculpt your words carefully. Yet every crafter needs a toolbox. Yours includes must-have books and reference resources, a decent computer with back up, and a space you can use to work.

There are few freelance and contract businesses you can start for less than $100; writing is one of them. You’ve likely been gifting others throughout this holiday season; isn’t it time to gift yourself a better writing life? Make a New Year’s resolution to be a better, more successful writer. Follow the decision with action.

Writers profit by writing, not by wishing. Here’s a great 2011!